Product Information

All Biscotto stones are handmade by Italian artisans in Naples Italy using the methods and techniques that have been used for generations. The clay is mined from the gulf of Naples. This alluvial clay imparts each pizza stone with a unique mineral content that is exclusive to this region of Italy. Using the local clay, each stone begins its life by being hand formed into wooden molds. The clay forms are then air dried allowing the clay to release a specific amount of moisture before firing. Once sufficiently air dried, the forms are carefully loaded into a wood fired kiln. The kiln is fired to a specific temperature, and the artisans stay with the kiln for several days & nights to maintain the kiln temperature. Once the firing process is complete, the stones are removed and ready for use.

When cleaning the Biscotto stone, it’s recommended to use a wet cloth when the stone has cooled down.
If you need to brush off items during use, please use ether a soft Brass or Natural hair brush. Do not use steel or any other hard metal brush. They will damage the stone.