About us

I am excited to introduce Biscotto Stones International AS, a proud distributor of Biscotto Stones from Naples, Italy. These handmade stones made from clay in the gulf of Naples are designed for Pizza Ovens. Biscotto Stones offer the unique feature of enabling a pizza to be cooked with a crispy crust at 850°F for 60-90 seconds, without burning the pizza. Biscotto Stones maintain and evenly distribute the heat due to the mineral content of the alluvial clay used in the construction of the stone.

As a partner of a retailer of OONI ovens, we are thrilled to offer these pizza stones which enhance the quality of the gourmet baking experience. The Biscotto Stones can be shipped to your store, or as a drop sale shipping direct to your customer. All direct shipping will be shipped using express shipping from DHL Express, and all shipments are insured against damage under transport.

All stones sold to the consumer market are also shipped using DHL Express.

We also have stones for Gozney, Carbon and others including floors for professionals pizza ovens.

If you can not find a stone that fit your oven, we also customize floors based upon request.

Biscotto Stones can be used in wood and gas ovens for businesses as well as leisure use. 

About Biscotto Pizza Stones

According to International Regulations established by the Associazione Verace Pizza (True Neapolitan Pizza Association), to cook authentic Neapolitan pizza, the stone temperature of the wood-fired oven needs to be in the range of 430°C - 480° C (806°F - 896°F). 

If you are in pursuit of the perfect Neapolitan style pizza using your Pizza oven, the Biscotto stones are a must-have accessory. Biscotto stones are handmade by Italian artisans in Naples Italy, the birth place of the Neapolitan pizza. The majority of pizzerias in Naples use these same stones inside their pizza ovens. Biscotto stones are the only stones available that have the unique quality of being able to cook a pizza at 850°F for 60-90 seconds, without burning the bottom of the pizza. These stones are able to do this because of the unique mineral content of the alluvial clay that is used to construct the stone. Each stone is fired in a wood-fired kiln to exact specifications. All of this imparts the stone with exceptional heat retention and moisture absorption. No other material performs like Biscotto from Naples. 

We are proud to partner with Sorrento, Casapulla and La Fornace Sorbo Antonio s.r.l.

Tom Fiksdalstrand
General Manager

Biscotto Stones International AS