2 Sort. - OONI Koda 16 #6

2 Sort. - OONI Koda 16 #6

Biscotto Stones International AS
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Bring out the true potential of your OONI Koda 16 with an upgrade Biscotto stone flooring.

Bake your pizza on floor temperatures over 500 degrees celsius without scorching the pizza bottom.

Produced from a very special clay mixture and volcanic ash in Naples according to ancient traditions. The porous stone and low thermal conductivity enable pizza baking at very high temperatures without a scorched bottom, thus significantly shorter baking times than a conventional floor in Chamotte.

Before use: Please read the instructions on this page:


The stone is shipped in reinforced cardboard boxes with biodegradable foam balls for with shock-absorbing materials to avoid breakage and safe transport.

Weight: 13.6 lbs

If ordering more that 1, orders need to be sent by email to post@biscottostones.com. This due to weight limitations shipping with DHL Express.

Biscotto stone is not a perfectly carved stone
Since these stones are handmade, they can vary some in size, or be uneven on the edges. Uneven edges can be sanded down with a fine graded sandpaper. Due to the fragile nature of the stone, we do not offer any guarantee on the stones after delivery. This is standard industry practice.

Biscotto Stones International offer a guarantee during transport from our storage to delivery. Delivery is when our courier has reported the stone delivered. If your stone arrive broken/cracked, you must contact us immediately by email, and no later than 48 hours. This for the guarantee to be valid.

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