Biscotto pizza stone 13.78" x 15.75"  (35×40 cm) for Effeuno

Biscotto pizza stone 13.78" x 15.75" (35×40 cm) for Effeuno

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This pizza stone (Biscotto) is used, among other things, in the electric pizza oven from Effeuno as a replacement for original refractory pizza stone. Compared to refractory stones, Biscotto stones have better thermal properties (low thermal conductivity) to retain and distribute heat evenly over the entire surface of the stone. In addition, it will attract moisture from the pizza dough which results in the possibility of higher temperatures and shorter baking times for pizza. Biscotto is produced in Naples by Fornace Saputo which is a real craft company with roots far back in history and proud traditions in the production of floors for pizza ovens. The stone is 13.78" x 15.75" (35 × 40 cm) and has a thickness of 1.18" (3 cm). The stone weight 8.3 kg.

Before use: Please read the instructions on this page:

The stone is sent safely in a box with shock-absorbing materials to avoid breakage.

Biscotto stone is not a perfectly carved stone.
Due to the fragile nature of the stone, we do not offer any guarantee on the stones after the stone is delivered and confirmed undamaged. This is standard industry practice. If your order comes with a broken or cracked stone, you must contact us immediately and within 48 hours after delivery. We will then send a new one. All shipments are insured against fractures in transport.